• 15 1/2  to 17 years old: Must take driver's education to get a learner's permit.

  • 16 years old: Eligible for a provisional license (with the completion of driver's education).

  • 17 1/2 years old: Allowed to apply for a provisional permit without taking driver's education.

  • 18 years old and older: Allowed to apply for a license without getting a learner's permit

  • Verify your identity. You can use a birth certificate or passport, but you must provide your true full name if it's different than what's on the documents provided.

  • Submit 2 proof of California residency. Your parents will most likely need to provide the proper documents.

  • Complete the application, Form DL 44, with parent signatures. You can get this form at your local California DMV.

  • Complete drivers ED

  • Pay the $33 written test fee.

  • You have 3 chances to pass the written test.

  • If you fail the written test you will have to wait 1 week for a retest.

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